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Increase efficiency and more

Want to monitor everything in your restaurant remotely? We have you covered!

Alpha POS Services offers a suite of mobile and web-based cloud functionality to provide a full, 24/7 hospitality management solution.

Meet our Mobile App
Access all of your important operations information from the convenience of your phone. With the powerful myFocus Mobile app, restauranteurs can quickly see real time sales and employee data from all locations, including:

•  Labor Cost Comparisons
•  Check Viewing
•  Voids
•  Discounts
•  Refunds
•  Returned Items
•  Gift Cards
•  Paid Outs
•  Sales by Period
•  Inventory Cost
•  Out of Stock
•  Variable Price Items
•  Overtime Alerts
•  System Alerts
•  Manager Logs

Get Powerful Web-Based Reporting and Editing
Whether you are at your home office or on vacation, run in-depth reports and make all necessary changes to your POS in a breeze. With the myFocus Office and myFocus Central tools, you have the power to:

•  Create extensive reports for Sales, Employees, Inventory, and more.
•  Run Enterprise reports for multiple restaurants.
•  View all single store data.
•  Email restaurant checks to customers.
•  Create and deploy real-time system updates for Employees, Menu Items, Price Changes, and nearly all back of house functionality.

Alpha customizes the powerful
Focus POS Software to your restaurant needs!

At Alpha POS, we love the convenience of easy to access remote data and continue to grow our powerful Cloud-suite while keeping all data locally and remotely for 100% reliability. For more information, contact us today.