Common Questions About POS Systems

Alpha POS Services is here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

1What makes Alpha unique?
We have the latest in online functionality with added reliability for any environment. Internets down? Your staff won’t notice a difference. Additionally, support is our #1 priority. On a busy Saturday night, your system going down affects customer service. Our expert team is always available to ensure that you experience 100% uptime.
2What type of restaurant is Alpha POS best suited for?
Our system is built to be flexible for a variety of food and beverage concepts. We have extremely satisfied restaurateurs, from fast casual locations to large, enterprise entertainment concepts.
3What services are included on sign up?
The experts at Alpha take pride in offering an all-inclusive approach. Each new sign-up includes: Software and Hardware setup; On-location Installation; On-location Training, and On-location First Day support. To learn more about our bundled software and hardware pricing, check out our Pricing page
4Is there a trial period?
No. Our team works to ensure our system is customized to a restaurant's unique concept. Because of this onboarding process, we cannot offer a trial. Our solutions have been proven across many industry leaders who speak to their success using it. Please check out our Success Stories!
5What is the transition process like from my current system?
In some cases yes, you can transfer data from your existing system if it allows export. In most cases, our expert team prefers to input menu item data while onboarding. Existing systems will many times have old menu items and employee or job data, etc., that is no longer relevant to your restaurant.
6How long does it take to onboard with Alpha?
This depends on the size and scope of the project. All new implementations take about 1-3 months.
7Do you include system setup and training at my restaurant?
To offer our all-inclusive experience, there is a reasonable programming, setup, installation, training and first-day support fee for the restaurants we assist.
8Why does Alpha have monthly fees?
We take pride in being a long-term partner with the restaurants we serve and can better achieve this with a small monthly fee. In addition, restaurants don’t have to worry about a large up-front investment. Traditionally, point-of-sale companies charge a significant up-front cost, which can lead to unreliable service in the long-term. This is one of Alpha's advantages over the competition.
9Are there any "hidden" or "extra" fees?
All fees are clearly explained and discussed when signing on. The fees will not fluxuate during your term with Alpha.
10Is Alpha compatible with my existing hardware?
Yes, we can work with current hardware on Windows, IOS, and Android. However, we recommend using our state-of-the-art, restaurant-grade terminals.
11Can I set up Alpha POS on my mobile device?
Alpha has a streamlined handheld solution great for order entry and payments. Learn more about that here. In addition, we offer an IOS and Android app for real-time restaurant data access, which you can learn about here.
12How are updates and maintenance handled?
Most software updates are released every 1-2 months or as needed. These are included with all Alpha subscription plans.
13How responsive is Alpha’s support?
Our support lines are locally based and answered 24/7. We offer phone, text and email support.
14I like some of my current partners, like for reservations, accounting and our loyalty program. Can I integrate them into the Alpha system?
We offer a large suite of integrations to meet all restaurant-specific needs. Check out our integrations and look for your favorite provider!
15What kinds of reports can I run on the Alpha system?
We offer 65 reports with over 25 configuration options per report. Our expert team consults with each restaurant to understand their reporting needs and to configure as needed.
16Do you offer cloud services with your POS to help me manage multiple locations?
We offer more functionality and reliability than the majority of our competition. To ensure complete reliability, we offer a hybrid model, operating both locally and in the cloud. All editing, reporting and real-time data can be completed online. The addition of local data allows us to be more reliable than a system operating exclusively in the cloud.