Pizza Delivery POS

Increase efficiency and more

Every pizza place needs an excellent POS system to stay organized and on track.

Focus POS is designed for hospitality and retail businesses, and your system can be custom built to serve your needs as a pizza parlor.

For most pizza places, much of the business comes through delivery orders. That means that during lunch and dinner rush, the phone is usually ringing off the hook. Staff must have an efficient and simple POS system in place that will allow them to quickly input orders into the system. The Focus POS system has numerous features that make taking orders quick and easy.

An Intuitive System

Focus POS is intuitive. It features conversational ordering, which allows staff to add items to the order or easily adjust items that have already been ordered as the customer explains what they want. The system is clear and consistent, which makes it easy to train new staff members to begin using it on the first day. Systems that are designed for pizza delivery come with easy ordering buttons that allow staff to quickly input the most popular orders, such as a large pepperoni pizza or a side of chicken wings. This helps them process all the orders and ensure no guest is on hold for too long.

Customizable Software

Your Focus POS system is customizable, allowing you to get exactly what you need for your business. Systems for pizza delivery often have features like caller ID, which allows your staff to see when regular customers are calling and quickly get set up to take their orders. The customer’s address and information is stored inside the system. If they have a standard meal that they get every time, the previous order can simply be duplicated, further reducing the amount of time your customer has to wait before they get their food.

Great Benefits for Busy Days

Pizza places can get quite busy, especially on major holidays or during sporting events. When you have a packed house, it’s important that there aren’t too many delays. Your staff members need to be able to work quickly and efficiently, and with Focus POS, it’s easy to do so. Systems for pizza restaurants include helpful features like multiple cash drawers on a station, which allows different employees to run the same register without any confusion.

Delivery Management

After your staff takes orders for delivery, the final step is getting the food to the customer. Focus POS assists your delivery drivers by sorting deliveries by zone. This allows you to dispatch drivers with multiple orders that are all in the same area. Your drivers will avoid wasting too much time on the road and therefore increase their efficiency and the tips they can make each night. Your customers will be happy with the reduced wait time. Your business will reduce the losses than can come with having to provide free food or discounts to customers who are upset over receiving a cold pizza.

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