Success Story – Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

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The last time you stood in line at your favorite ice cream shop, marvelling at the sight of that delectable frozen treat being flipped upside down, defying gravity and triggering every last taste-bud in your mouth, you were probably benefitting from Alpha’s services without even knowing it. Thanks to the most reliable restaurant management system on the market the owner/operator of Dairy Queen (Addison) for over 30 years, Dan Hanke, has been able to maximize his business’s efficiency and customer service.

Dan Hanke - Owner

Dan understands the crucial value of customer service. With the help of Alpha’s top-of-the-line Focus software Dan has been able to constantly keep his drive-thru flowing and keep crowds moving. That means there will never be another loyal DQ patron left waiting for their sweet treat.

In the same way that Dan never leaves a customer hanging, Alpha is quick to assist our clients’ requests. In Dan’s own words, “the customer service is great, they pick up immediately every time I call.” Alpha always prioritizes the customer with in-person support for any and every need. But that’s not where the service ends.

Alpha’s in-person implementation helped Dairy Queen easily learn and teach employees how to use the system, saving countless hours of business and eliminating any chance of a mistaken order.Spend less time trying to onboard new employees or add a new item to your menu and focus more on what matters: your business.

It’s time to stop working on your POS and let your POS work for you. Dan loves how Alpha has allowed him to “do other things and not have to worry about that aspect of my business.” With a brand-new upgrade to Dairy Queen’s system we look forward to helping Dan take his restaurant to the next level! Will your restaurant be Alpha’s next success story?