Success Story – Taco Vida

Taco Vida

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Taco Vida embodies the meaning of focus.

After moving to the U.S. as a teenager and working his way up the ranks of the restaurant industry, Freddy Sanchez teamed up with Susan Munic to open Taco Vida. But he didn’t want Taco Vida to be like every other restaurant; worrying too much about turning tables and making enough money to keep the lights on. With the help of Alpha Freddy and Susan opened a uniquely “chef-driven” taqueria.

Freddy Sanchez- Owner

Alpha’s Focus system let Freddy and Susan truly focus on what mattered: the customer experience. Instead of worrying whether or not the restaurant is pumping out enough orders or double-checking the inventory, Taco Vida can focus on making quality food in-house. Freddy and Susan have been able to put their collective effort into ensuring every customer has a uniquely enjoyable experience from the moment they walk in the door and are struck by the dazzling cultural design of the restaurant to the moment they sink their teeth into one of Freddy’s delectable tacos.

So how exactly has Alpha helped Taco Vida grow? Since implementing Alpha’s top-of-the-line system Susan has reports that their ordering process has been “sped up easily 25-30%.”

With the addition of Alpha’s caller ID database system this already speedy ordering process is projected to save another minute and a half per order!

Susan also raves about Alpha’s hassle-free onboarding process. Not only does Taco Vida save time on orders, they save loads oftime and money training new employees. Having spent 30 years in the industry and working with 10-12 different POS systems, Freddy says “Alpha is by far the easiest and most user-friendly.”

We understand that while efficiency is key, it’s not quite all that matters. Alpha is built on a foundation of customer service. Technically trained specialists are ready to personally assist with any request our clients may need. According to Freddy “It’s like having your own personal agent who responds right away to any call or text.”  But don’t just take his word for it. Susan explains it in wonderful simplicity, telling us “We value the relationship we have built with Alpha because you are always just there.” Any call. Any time. Alpha’s there.