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Increase efficiency and more

When you invest in a POS system for your business, it’s important to choose a company that cares.

Alpha POS is proud to provide quality POS systems to clients in a variety of restaurants and hospitality settings. Our customizable POS systems and smart solutions make it easy to provide every client with the exact technology they need to increase efficiency and make running a business smoother and easier. We specialize in software for table and casual restaurants as well as delivery services, bars, coffee shops, hotels, and retail establishments.

When you invest in a POS system for your business, it’s important to choose a company that cares. Every business has different needs, so on top of our customizable software, Alpha POS also offers best in class customer service following your purchase. At some point, you may have questions or concerns about your POS system. You may want to make changes to your restaurant menu or shift the type of retail items you have for sale. You’ll also need to consider things like offsite backups and replacement of damaged, worn-out, or outdated hardware. Alpha POS provides a 24/7 local customer support line with highly trained technicians to ensure you can focus more on your restaurant and less on your POS system.

There’s a reason that clients who invest in a Focus POS system tend to stay with us for the long term. Not only does our software get the job done, but our dedicated installation and support technicians treat every client like a member of the family. You’ve worked hard to get your company to where it is today.

Alpha POS customizes the Focus POS Software to your restaurant needs!

Whether you’re a retail store, a restaurant, or any other business that processes debit and credit cards, your new Focus POS system can help you go even further.

To learn more about what Alpha POS can do for your business, please contact us today.